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Don T Drink The Water Torrent [HOT]

Nitrate in drinking water is associated with concerns over infant health and cancer risk. Because synthetic fertilizer use has risen steadily over the past 75 years, so has the potential for increased nitrate contamination. Well water is also at risk for contamination by human-derived contaminants.

Don T Drink The Water Torrent

Torrent Laboratory offers superior water testing that employs EPA-approved methods and services that meet all quality control analytical and documentation requirements demanded by California regulating authorities. We have decades of experience and a team of chemists with a combined 150 years of analytical experience. Our final reports contain federal guidelines so that you can compare your water quality data. We also offer pre-analysis consultations to determine your specific concerns and needs.

Since industrialization, we are continuously producing, using and releasing man-made chemicals in our environment. These chemicals leach through the surface, through contaminated rain water, or through contaminated water sources and may end up in our kitchen faucet! Most of these man-made chemicals are dangerous to our health and can cause a variety of health issues. They can upset the stomach, attack the nerve system, damage the skin, or cause cancer, among other things.

So, by testing your drinking water periodically, you are ensuring the availability of safe drinking water for you and your family. Moreover, now you know that your own tap or well water is as safe and equally as good (or better) as bottled water. You may reduce the use of costly bottled water unless it is absolutely necessary to use it for convenience.

Generally, most bottled water is safe to drink. To confirm the safety of your bottled water, you may ask the manufacturer for their FDA (Food and Drug Administration) drinking water standard compliance data. Bottled water providers are obliged to provide this data to consumers.

Bottled water costs much more than tap water on a per gallon basis. Bottled water is valuable in emergency situations (such as floods and earthquakes), and high quality bottled water may be a desirable option for people with weakened immune systems. Consumers who choose to purchase bottled water should carefully read the label to understand what they are buying. Does it have a better taste than available tap water? Is it treated by a method that is preferable to the consumer? Does it contain added nutrients or flavors?

According to the Natural Resource Defense Council, in 2006, the equivalent of 2 billion half-liter bottles of water were shipped to U.S. ports, creating thousands of tons of pollution which contributes to global warming. In New York City alone, the transportation of bottled water from Western Europe released an estimated 3,800 tons of pollution into the atmosphere. In California, 18 million gallons of bottled water were shipped in from Fiji in 2006, producing about 2,500 tons of pollution.

Does your drinking water have an odd taste to it? Are you prone to illness or digestive issues without any evident causes? Have you ever considered doing water quality testing? Water is a necessity for life, and as such that necessity needs to be protected. Water testing will uncover any harmful substances in your water supply and may give insight into any health issues that you are experiencing.

Firstly, when deciding whether or not you should get your water supply tested, take location into account. The degree of isolation of your water source will be a deciding factor in its degree of contamination. Groundwater that is exposed to the elements and nature will tend to have a much higher count of harmful compounds than water from a deep, underground source that has less contact with contaminants on the surface. If your water source is more public than most or exposed to the elements than testing should be a priority.

Next, water testing should be a periodic concern rather than a once in a lifetime check. Water supply is an ecosystem in its own right. Thus it is a living, thriving thing that will change for the better or worse. Periodic testing will monitor those changes, tracking the growth of harmful substances and the effectiveness of water treatment. It should also be noted that while water testing is useful, it is only a small sample of a greater whole. Water is not homogeneous, meaning that water is not made up of the exact same substances throughout. Testing often will give a more comprehensive measurement, rather than a one-time sampling.

Take care of your water supply and employ periodic water testing procedures. Consuming clean water will improve your health and well being, and unhealthy water is simply too debilitating to not take steps against. Call a water testing firm to schedule a specimen analysis or for a consultation, today.

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The water gushed down River Road and rocked cars. Two people in a minivan were plucked by helicopter out of the roaring rapids, water crashing and spraying around them as they were lifted to safety in a basket. Other motorists escaped 4-foot-deep water by boat.

Fire spokesman Pete Piringer said crews had trouble getting to people because of the swift- moving water. Officials said 150,000 gallons of water a minute were rushing out at one point, spilling rocks, dirt and other debris onto the road. Trees fell onto a power line and knocked down a utility pole.

They had come to Galveston, the boy and his fathers, to look at the ocean and chaw on salt water taffy, but Galveston was solid November fog. As they drove down Seawall Boulevard, the Pleasure Pier emerged from the mist like a ghost ship: first the multicolored lights of the rollercoaster and Ferris wheel, then a billboard for a restaurant: BUBBA GUMP SHRIMP CO.

Children flew down slides and splash landed. Parents stood watching, or walked babies through the water, or lay on deck chairs as though sunbathing beneath the corrugated roof. Two lifeguards in pointless sunglasses wandered around mid-shin in the water, clutching long foam rescue devices to their abdomens.

Imagine a home where every faucet, shower head and washing machine provides clean, safe, purified water for all your household needs. Torrent Water Systems can provide exactly that as well as peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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The HEP 2000 overcomes these challenges with our cutting-edge system making pure, clean water accessible to every homeowner. Due to its proprietary flowpath, treated water is always kept sanitary by eliminating the need for secondary open-tank storage and repressurization. The HEP 2000 monitors 7 data points, and uses these data to make real-time adjustments to maximize efficiency, membrane life, and to maintain the highest level of water quality.

Reverse osmosis is a process that filters water by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane, trapping contaminants and flushing them away, while allowing pure contaminant-free water through for use.

During reverse osmosis, the water passes through a semipermeable membrane that separates impurities and contaminants while allowing pure water to pass through. In order to remove the harmful contaminants, some helpful minerals are also removed.

Torrent Water Systems can mitigate this effect through a proprietary re-mineralization process, which boosts both the mineral concentration and the pH of the purified water to provide better tasting alkaline water.

Water purifiers and water softeners are two very different appliances. While water purifiers remove harmful contaminants from water, water softeners serve a different purpose. The only aim of water softeners is to remove hardness from hard water by substituting sodium for calcium and magnesium, resulting in soft water. It should be noted that harmful contaminants such as heavy metals and pharmaceutical chemicals are not removed by water softeners.

It is true that RO water purifiers remove the TDS from the source water and can thereby reduce the pH level of the water below 7, making the water slightly acidic. This is due to carbon dioxide not being removed during the process. Below is an infographic of the pH of different food we consume:


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