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Wonder Momo

Released by Namco in 1987 as an arcade title, Wonder Momo is a beat-em-up about fighting off baddies as Momo Kanda, a Henshin Hero spoof that fought with kicks when underpowered, and a special "wonder ring" when transformed. The first game was framed as the set of a hero stage show, where "Momo" was really an actress playing out the in-universe character's fictional exploits. With a humorous angle and a bit of fanservice on the stage, Momo's adventures were eventually ported to PC Engine in 1989, as well as the Wii's Virtual Console in 2007. The arcade game was Namco's last 8-bit title.

Wonder Momo

Namco Museum Volume 1 on the PSX listed under the history of games made from Namco a game called Wonder Momo. Since then, I've been wondering [rimshot] what it's about. After having read the review, now I know. It looks like a good sidescroller.

There are two bars at the top of the screen, Momo's vitality bar and a "wonder" bar. The vitality bar is (obviously) the amount of damage Momo can take from enemies before the player loses a life. The wonder bar is filled slowly by defeating enemies as regular Momo. When Momo becomes Wonder Momo, the wonder bar depletes at a very slow rate. Should the player miss the whirlwind Momo can also turn in to Wonder Momo at any time by facing forward and rapidly pressing the attack button so long as the player has some wonder meter!

Overview Taking a break from the usual kidnapped princess/aliens attacking plotlines, Wonder Momo is set in a school play! You control schoolgirl Momo, the female super-hero character and have to defend yourself on-stage from various monstrous/robotic nasties. Starting off as a normal girl, kicking enemies increases your 'wonder' gauge - you can transform into Wonder Momo either by facing forward and tapping the attack button or by moving into a whirlwind that occasionally whisks past the stage. As Wonder Momo, you have a super hoop that you can throw (all very exciting), but as soon as your wonder gauge hits zero, then it's back to plain old Momo. If your vitality runs out from contact with bullets, monsters or school photographers(!) then it's game over. Once you've cleared the required enemies on stage you are taken off to the next level.

This is a side-scrolling action brawler type of game that was really popular back in the day. It is sort of a lot art now though with the types of games getting released on any platform. You can play as the schoolgirl until you need to transform into the power suit hero. Collect enough energy and you an unleash her wonder hoop attack as well. 350c69d7ab


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