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How to Reset Epson ME Office 620F Printer with Adjustment Program

How to Reset Epson ME Office 620F Printer with Adjustment Program

If you have an Epson ME Office 620F printer that shows errors such as "Service required" or "Ink pads are at the end of their service life", you may need to reset it using an adjustment program. An adjustment program is a software tool that can reset the internal counters of your printer and restore its functionality. In this article, we will show you how to download and use an adjustment program for Epson ME Office 620F printer.

Step 1: Download the adjustment program

You can find the adjustment program for Epson ME Office 620F printer online from various sources. However, some of them may be corrupted, infected with viruses, or not compatible with your printer model. Therefore, you should be careful when downloading the adjustment program and scan it with an antivirus software before running it. One of the possible sources for the adjustment program is [^1^], where you can download a file named "epson me office 620f adustment program.rar". This is a compressed file that contains the adjustment program and other files.



Step 2: Extract the compressed file

After downloading the file, you need to extract it using a software that can handle RAR files, such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. You can right-click on the file and choose "Extract here" or "Extract to epson me office 620f adustment program" depending on your software. You will get a folder with several files inside, such as "AdjProg.exe", "AdjProg.ini", "AdjProg.dll", and "Epson Adjustment Program.pdf".

Step 3: Run the adjustment program

Before running the adjustment program, you need to make sure that your printer is connected to your computer and turned on. You also need to disable any antivirus software that may interfere with the program. Then, you can double-click on the file "AdjProg.exe" to launch the adjustment program. You will see a window with a title "EPSON Adjustment Program". Click on "Select" to choose your printer model and port. Then, click on "Particular adjustment mode" to access the different functions of the program.

Step 4: Reset the waste ink counter

One of the most common errors that require resetting is the waste ink counter, which measures the amount of ink that is wasted during cleaning cycles and other operations. When this counter reaches a certain limit, the printer stops working and displays an error message. To reset this counter, you need to follow these steps:

  • In the "Particular adjustment mode" window, click on "Waste ink pad counter" and then click on "OK".

  • In the next window, check the box next to "Main pad counter" and then click on "Check". The program will read the current value of the counter and display it on the screen.

  • Click on "Initialization" to reset the counter to zero. The program will ask you to turn off your printer and then turn it on again.

  • Click on "OK" and then close the program.

Your printer should now be reset and ready to use.

Step 5: Test your printer

To make sure that your printer is working properly after resetting, you can print a test page or perform a nozzle check. You can also check the status of your ink levels and other settings using the Epson Status Monitor software that came with your printer driver. If you encounter any problems or errors, you can try running the adjustment program again or contact Epson support for further assistance. 0efd9a6b88


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