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Enjoy More Than 30 Races and Mini-Games with Cars: The Video Game for PC

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Cars (also known as Cars: The Video Game) is an open-world racing video game, based on the 2006 Pixar film of the same name. Developed by Rainbow Studios, it was released for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and PSP in June 2006, with versions for the Xbox 360 and Wii released later that year. The Wii version, developed by Incinerator Games, includes functionality geared towards its Wii Remote controller, and was a launch game for the system.

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The home console and PC versions received generally positive reviews from critics, though the GBA version saw negative reception. The game was followed by two sequels; Cars Mater-National Championship (2007) and Cars Race-O-Rama (2009).

The general goal for the project is to combine multiple elements from Cars, Cars: Mater-National Championship and Cars: Race-O-Rama into one product. Characters and tracks from all three games are featured, including ones that weren't playable in their respective games. Though the primary focus of the mod at this point in time is the Arcade Race mode, we hope to eventually edit the mini-games and story mode.

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The mod started life when Teancum wanted to create mods for his kids. "Cars: Hi-Octane Edition" was born out of the idea of sitting side by side with his kids and playing modded games. But ultimately he found it difficult to maintain life on the Wiki and still enjoy modding the game. Infinikip came along as Teancum's drive was diminishing and took over as project lead, bringing the mod to a stable public release. Later - there where more modders. Such as Schwartz27, CatQuangAnh and CAHoltz, but almost all of these modders either stopped modding, or quit the project, in 2015.

To install it, replace the DataPC folder in C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Cars Mater-National (back it up somewhere first) with the one you get with the download. (If you don't have Steam folder - just skip it and go to your game folder.

Race to the finish line in Cars, the video game. It's Piston Cup season again, and last year's hotshot rookie, Lightning McQueen, is ready to race. Explore the town of Radiator Springs and the rest of Ornament Vally with Lightning as you collect Bolt Icons and gain bonus points. Complete a variety of races and mini-games with you favorite Cars characters, and find some new ones too. So start your engines, hold on tight, and get ready to leave the competition in the dust.

I thought I didn't have any controls as well, until I found out I had to press the GAS button to start the game in Freeplay mode. It worked that way. And for me the game runs normal speed. Maybe it's a AMD GPU thing?

Lots of design options, parts and gadgets let you build anything from a cheap and nasty budget hatchback or van to a supercar or opulent luxury cruiser. Tailor your cars to a wide audience or pioneer niche markets.

Solid engine design is a big part of creating a successful car in Automation. The game gives you the opportunity to build your own engines from scratch; from the engine configuration, over the valvetrain design, to the fuel system and detailed turbocharging systems. Many design changes even affect the engine sound.

The core experience of the game will be the Grand Campaign. In this game mode, spanning from 1946 to 2020, you start your enterprise from scratch and try to become one of the most renowned car companies in the world. Many roads can potentially lead to success: catering to the masses with small, affordable cars, being an exclusive supercar manufacturer, or focusing on big luxurious flagship cars for the few.

Set up and manage your factories, expand your production capabilities and improve your cars by investing into research and development to get an edge over your competition. High quality cars and good quality assurance might cost a fortune, but may pay for themselves in the long term. Like in real life, in Automation car design and marketing is full of compromises.

Automation is still heavily in development. There is already many hours of interesting gameplay to be had out of Automation, but some major features are not complete. Large updates are usually released every few months.

The current release contains an all new Unreal Engine 4 based update to the Car and Engine design aspects of Automation, with a whole load of scenarios and challenges to play. A small taste of the Tycoon gameplay can be had in the "Lite Campaign" Although this is running on an older game engine version and doesn't look as stunning right now!We're currently hard at work on the "Lite Campaign V3" update which will be a much more in-depth and polished campaign game mode, in the Unreal Engine version. We aim to run our development process as openly as possible, and release regular and detailed video updates explaining exactly what we're working on at the moment.

About the download, Cars: The Video Game is a fairly light game that doesn't need as much storage space than the average game in the category PC games. It's a game often downloaded in countries such as Canada, Australia, and Turkey.

  • Burn rubber in more than 30 races and mini-games

  • Explore the open world of Radiator Springs

  • Speed to the finish line with more than 10 playable characters

  • Make your friends eat your dust in multiplayer mode

  • Enjoy the voices of Paul Newman, Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt, Cheech Marin, Larry the Cable Guy and more

In this game, we'll take on the role of Lightning and some of the other cars. We'll have to race and win many challenges and complete a series of mini games as we get Lightning ready to face Chick Hicks in the 2006 Piston Cup at the Los Angeles International Speedway.

All the latter using a 3D environment, with a simple control system that makes the game suitable for all ages, and keeping the humor and action of the original film. If you liked the movie Cars and you want to enjoy the film's action from another point of view, don't think twice and download this demo where you can discover the first level of this game.

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Cars 2 (also known as Cars 2: The Video Game) is a 2011 racing game based on the 2011 film of the same name. Originally announced at E3 2011, the game was released by Disney Interactive Studios on all major platforms in North America on June 21, 2011, and in Australia two days later. The game was released in Europe on July 22, 2011. Versions for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Portable were released later that year in November.[1] The game features an array of Cars characters competing in spy adventures, as well as racing. The game received mixed reviews from critics.


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