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Homeopathy Software Radar 10.5: A Review

Homeopathy Software Radar 10.5: A Review

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine that uses natural substances to treat various diseases and conditions. Homeopathy software is a tool that helps homeopaths and students of homeopathy to find the most suitable remedies for their cases, based on the principles of homeopathy.


One of the leading homeopathy software programs is Radar 10.5, which offers a great leap forward by giving easier access to more information than ever. It comes with the âSynthesis Treasure Editionâ, which is a comprehensive repertory of homeopathic symptoms and remedies. Here are some of the features of this new Radar version:

  • The Concepts Finder: This feature allows you to translate the language of your patient into the language of the repertory. You can use the Concepts Finder to add symptoms to your repertorization, based on keywords or concepts that your patient expresses.

  • Radar Free Notes: This feature allows you to download the latest seminar notes, videos, articles, and other resources from renowned homeopaths around the world. You can also upload your personal notes to exchange with other homeopaths.

  • Live Update: This feature automatically upgrades you, free of charge, to Radar program updates, Synthesis Update Logfiles, Free Notes, etc.

  • Improved Multimedia: This feature provides you with 200 new remedy pictures and 205 new sound clips. You can visualize more remedies than ever before, and listen to masters in homeopathy.

  • Improved Families Functions: This feature allows you to limit your analysis by selecting from different family groups or create your own groups. You can also use the Families function to compare remedies within a family or across different families.

  • Luc De Schepper Module: This feature allows you to select the most important symptoms of your patient into the pyramid of Dr. Luc and differentiate remedies on the basis of the core delusion.

  • Ewald Stoeteler Module: This feature offers a new method for homeopathic analysis and practice, using Hahnemannâs classification of diseases.

  • Two Miasmatic Approaches: This feature allows you to use the miasmatic analysis following Dr. Giampietro (Argentina) or Sankaranâs miasmatic database.

  • Two New Clinical Files: This feature links Radar 10 to KENBO and HomeoPlus, two clinical practice management files.

  • Other Miscellaneous Improvements: This feature includes right mouse click shortcuts, improved search functions, improved printing options, etc.

Radar 10.5 is compatible with all Microsoft Windows operating systems from XP to 10. It is an impressive sort of homeopathic software package for students and practitioners of homeopathy. It can enhance the quality of your homeopathic prescribing and help you find an appropriate remedy faster.

If you are interested in Radar 10.5, you can visit their official website at for more information and pricing details. You can also download a free demo version from their website to try out some of the features before buying the full version. e0e6b7cb5c


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