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Slutever - Season 01

Slutever is an American television series broadcast by Viceland, starting in January 2018.[1] The show is inspired by the blog and book of the same name by author Karley Sciortino, and a webseries, called Slutever for Vice, that was hosted on Sciortino's Slutever blog.[2] In April 2018, Viceland ordered a second season of the show, which premiered in February 2019.[3] As of March 31, 2019 two seasons and 18 episodes have aired.

Slutever - Season 01


Slutever (Viceland) aired on 2018 and belongs to the following categories: Comedy, Documentary. The IMDB rating is 6 (updated 03-31-2023). Tv-Show directed by Karley Sciortino. Viceland aired 2 seasons and 18 episodes for now. 041b061a72


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